Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October Hikes

The following will be the October hikes for the Tinian Hikers.

For all hikes meet on Saturday at 8:00 AM at Grace Christian School

  • October 13 - Hike to the Latte Stone site at the south end of Tachonga Beach. We will continue south of the latte stone site to look for some Japanese bunkers and an old American dump site from World War II. This hike should take about two hours.
  • October 20 - Time to go look at a new area. On this hike we will go to Chiget Beach up by North Field. From here, we will follow the cliff line toward the southwest. I really don't know what we will find, since this will be the first time I have ever followed this cliff line for any distance. This cliff line is a result of a fault that runs from Tinian to Saipan. There is no telling what will be found along its base.
  • October 27 - On this hike we will go hunting for the Latte Stone site at Long Beach. There used to be a trail that went to this latte stone site, but it has not been maintained for years, and most likely does not exist anymore. I hope to find the large latte stone set that used to be will back from the shoreline.
Again, if anyone has any suggestions for hikes, please let me know. Just leave a comment to one of my postings.

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