Tuesday, November 27, 2007

December Hikes

December Hikes

For the month of December we will be hiking to the following areas on Tinian.

For all hikes, meet at 8 AM at Grace Christian School.

December 1, Saturday - San Jose Village Cliff Line
On this hike we will be hiking the cliff line behind Tinian Junior/Senior High School to the Korean Monument. This area has native limestone forest, some steep slopes (no cliffs to climb) and caves and tunnels made by the Japanese during World War II. Please bring a flashlight on this hike.

December 8, Saturday - Masalok Area
I have been told that there might be a small crashed airplane in this area. On this hike we will start above Masalok Beach and head south, in the hope of finding the airplane. I have been told that this area is fairly rough so wear good shoes. Additionally I have never been in this area, pass the beach, so who knows what we will find.

December 15, Saturday - Long Beach
There are two possibilities for this hike. The first possibility is to explore all of the beaches at Long Beach. The last time I did this I counted 13 beaches. Be prepared to get wet. I will be wearing swimming shorts and reef walkers.

If the ocean is too rough, we will explore the forest area above Long Beach, west of the road to the beach. This area has small cliffs and caves. So, bring a flashlight.

December 22, Saturday - Mount Lasu
We will follow the ridge line going south from the Shinto Shrine on Mount Lasu. There is a tunnel that goes through the ridge and down to the an old Japanese road. Usually I follow the road back up to the shrine, but depending on the group, we might go the other way on the road to see where it leads.

December 29, Saturday - Atomic Bomb Assembly Buildings and Lamlam Beach
I have been told there were three buildings built to assembly the different atomic bombs used in World War II. I have been to the first building. On this hike we will try to find the foundations for the other two buildings. After the hike, we will stop at Lamlam beach, one of the invasion beaches used by the Americans during World War II.

As always everyone is welcome to join us on the hikes.

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