Monday, December 31, 2007

January 2008 Hikes

The following are the hikes for January. I am starting to run out of ideas, so if anyone has any place they would like to explore, let me know, please.

As always, all hikes meet at 8 AM at Grace Christian School on Saturday.

January 5, Saturday - Hike to the Latte site above the Tinian Shinto Shine. There is a nice Latte site at the top of the cliff on the Carolinas Plateau. I have been only to this site once before, but it is an unusual site because of its location. This hike will be across some fairly steep slopes, and we may have to climb one small cliff at the top. The hardest part of the hike will be going up the slope from the shine to the cliff line.

January 12, Saturday - Latte site south of Tachonga and beyond. I have been requested to return to the Latte site at the south end of Tachonga. From here we will walk south to visit some Japanese bunkers and the dump platform. I hope to continue for a little ways past the platform to see what else there might be along this coast. I haven't been past the platform before. See the the October 15th hike for more details.

January 19, Saturday - Return to Chiget cliff line. We will try to explore the Chiget cliff line again. I hope to make this an all day hike, so bring plenty of water and a lunch. See the October 20th hike for more details.

January 26, Saturday - Climb Mount Lasu. This is something I have wanted to do for awhile. We will start at the Japanese defensive cave site on the bottom cliff line and climb up to the Shinto Shrine on the top of the plateau. After the climb, we will climb back down and explore the middle cliff line a little, depending on how much time it takes to do the climb. I have never been to the middle cliff line area before.

Everyone is welcome to join us on these hikes.
Just meet at Grace Christian School and be prepared to hike.

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Ken said...

I am the Chairman of the Parks & Trails committee of Beautify CNMI!
I was wondering, if you would be interested in joining us by having a National Trails Day on Tinian June 7th? We are having a meeting at the RC&D office on Feb 7th to discuss this. Please contact