Wednesday, February 27, 2008

March 2008 Hikes

We will be doing the following hikes for March. This will most likely be the last set of hikes I will be leading on Tinian. I plan on leaving for the U.S. Mainland sometime in early April. So, if you have been meaning to come on one of the hikes, this will be your last chance.

All hikes meet at 8 AM at Grace Christian School on Saturday.

March 1, Saturday - Circumnavigation of Lake Hagoi. We will start on the southwest side of Lake Hagoi, where an Okinawan village from the Japanese times was located. It has been years since I have visited this site. From here, we will try to walk around Lake Hagoi staying as close to the water as possible. Most likely we will not see the lake because of the Pago and tall reed. I will even show the hikers the best way to visit Lake Hagoi, which should be done right at the end of the dry season. We might even try to see Lake Hagoi at this point, so be ready to get wet and dirty.

March 8, Saturday - Exploration of the Harlem area by North Field. Harlem was the location for the old asphalt plant when the SeaBees built North Field. This area is on the south west side of North Field, just past the turnoff for the Shinto Shrine on top of Mt. Lasu. From this area we will walk to the cliff line above it and see what is along the cliff. I have not been to the cliff in this area before.

March 15, Saturday - Lion's Head.
We hike to the rock outcropping above Marpo Valley, on the north end of Carolinas Plateau. I always enjoy this hike and this will be the third time we have been to Lion's Head since I started the Saturday hikes, click here to see the November 17 hike and here to see the October 6 hike.

March 22, Saturday - Exploration of West Field. We will start at the West Field Shinto Shrine. From here we will head toward the south and try to find the foundations for the old SeaBee base that was located near the shrine. We may even end up on some of the old runways used during World War II.

March 29, Saturday - The Old Japanese Canon.
We will drive to the old Japanese canon just past the dump. After looking at the canon, we will follow the cliff toward the north. I know there are some interesting caves and tunnels near this area, so bring a flashlight.

Because of the dry season, be prepared to meet boonie bees!

Everyone is welcome to join us on these hikes.
Just meet at Grace Christian School and be prepared to hike.

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Saipan Writer said...

I love that you're doing this.

I plan to be visiting from Saipan some weekend this summer, with my daughter. Hope that you'll still be hiking then!