Sunday, March 30, 2008

Chiget Update

First, let me say thanks to Howard for adding me as a poster to this blog. All of us hikers have appreciated what you've made possible for us. Thanks heaps.

On a smaller scale some of us will try to keep 'hike Tinian' alive, though it may become even more difficult than we'd anticipated. Below is how Chiget looked with Howard on the beach in January.
Disturbed by reports that Chiget area was being fenced off some of us visited there on Monday, Mar 24. It is a sad view. Howard not only are we losing you, our hike leader - a sad enough prospect in itself - but it seems we are losing hike area access. There is indeed a huge fence.

A thin person can still squeeze through to get to the beach. I imagine even that will be changed eventually.

For the rest the view is pretty dismal.

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The Hiker said...

Give it about five years and the fence will be gone. Either it will rust out or a typhoon will get it.