Friday, February 8, 2013

Another birding walk

Walk began with a male White-throated Ground-dove in the tree at my building. That’s the first time I’ve seen one here but he is very identifiable by his white head and chest.
As he flew off I spied an all chocolate brown female much further from me and only got in one quick shot before she'd followed him.
Next there were a bunch of chickens in the first field, not in good photo range. At the Fiesta grounds the Mom & Babe Fruit dove were together but the Mom soon left.
I’m intrigued by the differences between this chick and the earlier one. This one does not huddle in a ball when alone but peers around and moves about. And it doesn’t just snuggle up to the Mom when she is there - a very daring little tyke. It also is growing very rapidly. I think it is about twice the size it was a few days ago but still is only about half or less of the size the other one was when we first discovered it.
As I moved on into the Fiesta grounds a bunch of White Terns provided some Kodak moments – most of which I missed as they dart about so quickly. One pair paused long enough though!
Then a flash of red caught my eye as an Egigi (Micronesian Honeyeater) landed about three feet from me. It moved on before I could get the camera focused on it but only about a couple of yards. It allowed me one shot there and another in tree branches above before departing for territories afar. The amount and brightness of the red on this bird marks it as a male, the females have less and it is more of a brick red.
On my way home a Kingfisher called out. Though it liked to hide in the shadows I did get one not so great shot of it.
At the Plover fields a lone Plover held a staring contest with me until it decided I wasn’t worth the bother. When I tried to approach closer it flew off a few yards and from it’s new spot seemed to studiously ignore me. Ithink their eyes have a greater range of vision than ours so it likely was still keeping me under close scrutiny.
Another in the other field was amazingly close to the road but by the time I got to that side of the road it decided to go join its pal in the other field.

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