Saturday, July 5, 2014

Snorkeling with Tinian turtles June 2014

My recent snorkeling adventures have included swimming with some turtles. Most just swim away and give few opportunities for photos. But one came toward me then circled around me seeming just as curious about me as I was of the turtle. Once right after that I saw two together but one swam off to the south too fast for me to snap any pictures the other took a leisurely northern route eyeing me enough that I think it may have been the same one as a couple of days before.

The day the turtle circled me I snapped a selfie to show what turtle was so interested in! Surely enough to bewilder any sea creature!
Before the recent snorkel sightings I'd only seen turtles from shore.

Frequently the pop their head up for air and back down usually too quickly to get a picture.
But sometimes they seem to be examining us and remain on the surface for several seconds in water shallow enough that we can even see some of the shell.

On occasion we even see more than one at a time.
BUT, in my opinion the most fun is swimming with them.
To my knowledge Tinian's Green Sea Turtles are benign and safe to swim with. I've never heard of a turtle attack or bite.


Dali Lobo said...

Hey Jude, these photos look like you are really enjoying the natural world around you. I do envy you! Am thinking about you and sending you healthy happy fun! dale

heyjude said...

Can't help loving living in paradise! Tinian is my Paradise.