Monday, January 26, 2015


2015 Inauguration of Joey P (JP) San Nicolas

This seems to have taken me ages but finally I can bring you some pictures of the Mayor’s Inauguration. This is a bit of a departure from the hike and nature theme of this blog but is an event of interest.  You can click on the pictures  to enlarge them for your viewing.



For weeks in advance there was sprucing-up of the designated site.  Palms got trimmed to prevent any possible injuries from falling coconuts.

And the Kammer Beach Pavilion got a new coat of paint.


However the weather was not cooperative and the site had to be changed to the Tinian Dynasty Ballroom.  Alas the weather also prevented the Governor and other off island dignitaries and friends from attending the inauguration.

It started off at the Church, with the Red (Inaugural) Mass.



  And of course some (heaps of) picture taking both at the church and at a VIP reception at the Dynasty.


Then onward to the main event. JP and those dignitaries  who rated being on the stage were escorted  down the red carpet, to their seats,  between rows of JROTC members forming an arch of raised swords.

Posting of Colors was performed by Tinian JROTC.


The National and CNMI Anthems were led by Julian Hoffschneider and Raegina Castro.


The Invocation was done by Rev James Howard.  Welcoming remarks were made by Senator Francisco Borja – himself a former Mayor of Tinian.


The Oath of Office was administered by Chief Justice Castro, first to JP San Nicloas then to the new Council Members.  


Then came the speeches by various dignitaries   


and finally JP’s Inaugural address. 


Closing remarks were made by JP’s former teacher and favorite mentor, Joseph Connolly. Then the Benediction was given by Fr Jesse Reyes.



  Then of course it was time for more photos with dignitaries, both CNMI and foreign,



A huge banquet jointly prepared by family, friends and the Dynasty was enjoyed  


By everyone including family, friends, and visitors.  


It was followed by hours of celebrations by everyone – long after my camera and I departed. 









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