Sunday, April 13, 2008

April Hikes

Note: post editted to add date of April 26 for the Tachonga hike. for details, see below. Since this will likely be a short hike we are also suggesting that those who wish come prepared to snorkel afterward. Bring snacks and beverage as you see fit.

Hello hikers!
Hikes may be somewhat less frequent (and probably less interesting) without Howard to lead and explain. Neither Mitch nor I has a GPS so we are limited to hikes we can do without one. Also there is a transportation problem since I have no vehicle and Mitch's small car is shared by multiple drivers.
Thus we will begin with hikes close to town and will experiment with having hikers meet at the starting point. For further distant hikes we will have to arrange for transportation in advance. Also, if you have a bush knife you might want to bring it along. With those conditions we will try to continue the hikes when possible.

If you are off island and want a hike that we can handle on a specific date please contact me in advance to make arrangements. tel 433-7171 or post as a comment here. Jude

Everyone is welcome to join these hikes

or to suggest hikes they can lead.

Saturday - April 12. No hike was scheduled in deference to the Red Cross Walk-a-Thon.

Saturday - April 19. San Jose Cliff Hike - for a description of this hike see the Dec 1, 2007 hike.
We will meet at the San Jose Cemetery - behind the High School - at 8 a. m.
Note: Editted to add - Mitch says we should bring our flashlights on this hike, there's a tunnel in which we will need them.

Saturday - April 26, 2008 - Tachonga Lattes. We will meet at the parking lot at Tachonga Beach. We've found one more set of the lattes in the Tachonga area so can lead a hike to those and then backtrack and try to find some of the points of interest that Howard showed us on the Jan 26, 2008 hike. Or we could try to find other sets of the stones as shown on the following map at Long Beach. We discussed the plans and scheduling for this hike during the April 19 hike.

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The Hiker said...

Hi Judy,

Glad you guys are trying to keep the hikes going. The latte site we usually go into is number 5, on the map, from the left, I think. You will have to count the latte stones in the set to be sure. Number 5 has 6 pillar stones per side. If the site we usually go to does not have six, but five instead, it is number 8 on the map.