Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mt. Lasu Shrine Area GPS Coordinates

Hi Everyone. I said I would publish GPS coordinates for Tinian on this site every now and then. So, I am going to start with the Mount Lasu area. If you happen to visit Tinian, bring a GPS with you so that you can find some of the more interesting sites on Tinian.

The first is the small hill that used to hold the Japanese Radar on Tinian. It is just to the north of the Shinto Shrine on top of Mt. Lasu. N15 degrees 02.495 minutes, E145 degrees 37.803 minutes.

The next coordinate is to an old crane from World War II. To get to this old crane, you need to get below the cliff that the shrine is on. To do this, to the stairs that go up to the shrine. If you look carefully to the south, just before going up the stairs, there is a train that goes into the Jungle. This trail leads to an old cattle guard and road that takes you below the cliff. As you follow the trail, you will get to an area with a small stone wall to your left, you will be above the wall. You need to leave the road at this point and head north along the cliff. N15 degrees 02.466 minutes, E145 degrees 37.810 minutes.

The next coordinate is for the Bomb Cave. This is a cave is full of artillery shells left by the Japanese from World War II. This cave is to the north from the crane. On the way to this cave, just past the crane is the remains of the old Japanese radar. Once at the radar remains, I have found it best to go down the slope to the flatter terrace area and than climb back up the slope to this cave. N15 degrees 02.569 minutes, E145 degrees 37.867 minutes

Right next to the Bomb Cave is the Window Cave. The Window Cave has a huge stone wall, built by the Japanese, with a window in the wall. It is one of the most interesting features along this cliff below the shrine. N15 degrees 02.587 minutes, E145 degrees 37.852 minutes

South of the Shrine, along the ridge line, is an old Japanese tunnel that cuts through the ridge. It is hard to find, but once located, it is easy to get back to. N15 degrees, 02.408 minutes, E145 degrees 37.781 minutes

Once through this tunnel, if you go to the north a little, there is another cave made by the Japanese. Once at this cave, if you head down the slope a little ways but not all the way to the bottom, and go south, following the cliff, you will find more caves and remains from World War II.

The last set of coordinates I have for this area are for a saddle in the ridge line south of the Shrine. This was one of my favorite places on Tinian because there was always a good breeze here and it was shaded. N15 degrees 02.352 minutes, E145 degrees 37.776 minutes

I do miss Tinian and the freedom to hike about any place you wanted to go. Maybe one of these years I will return.

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Brian said...

I was on Tinian earlier this month doing some teaching. I got to hike around on my own and really had a great time. This blog gave me a good insight on what to see on the island. Hopefully I will get to return in the near future, keep up the great blogs