Saturday, April 5, 2008

Farewell Party

On March 28, the hikers gave me a farewell party. This party was at Monster Pizza at the Dynasty Hotel and Casino. I said I would post pictures for this party in my last posting, so here they are.

Below is a picture of everyone that attended the party. Even Mony showed up briefly, but did not stay to eat pizza with us.

Completely unexpected by me was a certificate of appreciation that was prsented to me. Below I am reading the certificate.

Along with the certificate was a boonie bee nest, I think in appreciation of all the bee stings I took for the group. It had a red bow on it and is at the end of my left hand in the picture below.

The certifate was passed around and signed by everyone on the back. In the picture below, Kaori is signing the back with Mictch and Masa looking on. Now I will have to find someone that reads Japanese so that I know what Kaori and Masa wrote.

In the picture below, I am reading what everyone wrote on the back of the certificate. This certificate will be something that I always will treasure. Thank you all for the company on the hikes and the great party.

Farewell to everyone. I leave tomorrow afternoon. I will miss you all and the hikes.

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