Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lion's Head 2011

Sunday April 10 2011. We started our hike from the Marpo Well to Lion's Head at 10:30 AM. I have not gone to Lion's Head since Mr. Cole left Tinian.

Today's Hikers were Oneal, Lina and me(Mitch).

I downloaded coordinates from Mr. Cole's geocahing website into my GPS, which I had just bought recently

There were many remains from WWII on the way to go Lion's Head, such as beer bottles, plates, pots and a lot of Japanese shelter were built on way to Lion's Head.

I remember this trail. Mr. Cole took this trail when I first time went on a hike to Lion's Head.

We were supposed to climb up one or two cliffs. We found good place to go up the cliff.

It was about a 15 feet high slope which is not a very difficult climb.

After we went up on the cliff , we continued to hike South East. We found a red paint marker. It seemed to lead us Lion's Head. We took a rest and had lunch about 600 feet away from Lion's Head. It was already passed 1:00pm.

The red marker was gone so we had to really depend on GPS.

It took about three hours from the Marpo Well. We finally arrived at Lion's Head.

The King Fisher was resting on the next Lion's Head.

Everybody was happy to get to Lion's Head and could see beautiful bird.

We will return to Lion's Head by next week again. We are planing to hike with my friends who want to hike to Lion's Head.
We could not find Mr. Cole's cache this time. It's seems to be gone.

By Mitch