Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I have now lived on Tinian - my 'paradise island' for over 10 years this time. This is a place where I enjoy a retirement life on pristine beaches, snorkelling, swimming with turtles, bird watching etc. The people, the cultures (multiple) and food here are all wonderful!
But now my 'Paradise' is threatened. So I've been sending and posting this everywhere I can:
PLEASE Help Save our birds, our water, our air space, our land - our islands
ALL are threatened on Tinian and Pagan, in the American Territory of CNMI (Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands) in the North Pacific, by the proposal of the US Military to use these two (inhabited) islands for live-fire (bombs) training. Besides people, beauty and historic ruins, pristine beaches, grazing and subsistence farm land and ocean areas, these islands are home to several rare and endangered species of birds and other wildlife. And our use of the land, the water and air space would be restricted. Prices would soar and tourism would fail.
PLEASE see our petition at - PLEASE sign and share and help us spread the word. Such a tiny island is hard pressed to reach the 10,000 signatures we need by June to get this to the President. Thank you!
Anyone anywhere can sign and share - not just US or CNMI.
So I hope you will!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Weekend of Tinian Hot Pepper Festival and Turquoise Blue Triathlon & Swim

Turquoise Blue Triathlon & Swim
Feb 14, 2015
Before the sun was up preparations were underway at Kammer Beach and people were gathering to greet the sun for the start of the 2015 Swim – Bike – Run Triathlon.

The swim portion came first but bike and running gear had to be carefully arranged for easy access. Soon turquoise blue swim caps were seem everywhere clearly identifying the contestants as well as indelible numbers written on their arms and legs. 

Then participants began gathering on the beach or taking preliminary dips. Triangular route buoys were the same orangey yellow as the shirts of many of the Triathlon and Festival workers.

Soon just the swimmers were gathered at the edge of the water,

and were poised for the plunge.

The Mayor (red shirt) was on hand to give some opening remarks and encouragement.
Then they were off!

And racing out to round that first orange buoy.
In no time it seemed they were coming back

to shower,
to change,

and to depart on bikes.
The route looked long to me and hilly – up to suicide cliff, up to the airport and back to Kammer Beach. Here’s the route map the Mayor’s Office posted on FB.

Though the route (40 kilometers) looks long and tough to me, it seemed a very short time before the bikers were coming back and heading out again on foot to repeat 10 kilometers of that route running.

The first to arrive back from the run did so before all the swimmers were finished and it was hours before the last of the runners finished.
The overall winner is a former winner of this Triathlon (and others I imagine) and is known to be fast. Fast also on registering I guess as he got number 1! He was first in the swim and bike portions and second on the run. However his overall winning time of 2 hours 41 minutes and 07 seconds beat his own winning record of last year by more than a minute.

To read more about the winner and the triathlon see the Saipan Tribune:  “Miyazuka again tops Tinian Turquoise

 No matter when they finished they were greeted by a welcoming table of cold drinks and fruits. And no matter when they finished I admire each of them for even entering this arduous event.
A ‘well done’ to each of them!

 They were then able to join the rest of us in enjoying the Hot Pepper Festival but that will come in another post
PS: All the pictures can be clicked to enlarge or to save.
Contestants (and others): if you want all 100 pics downloaded to your chip or flash drive use the email at the top of this page to get information on how.  You pay only postage, if applicable.

Monday, January 26, 2015


2015 Inauguration of Joey P (JP) San Nicolas

This seems to have taken me ages but finally I can bring you some pictures of the Mayor’s Inauguration. This is a bit of a departure from the hike and nature theme of this blog but is an event of interest.  You can click on the pictures  to enlarge them for your viewing.



For weeks in advance there was sprucing-up of the designated site.  Palms got trimmed to prevent any possible injuries from falling coconuts.

And the Kammer Beach Pavilion got a new coat of paint.


However the weather was not cooperative and the site had to be changed to the Tinian Dynasty Ballroom.  Alas the weather also prevented the Governor and other off island dignitaries and friends from attending the inauguration.

It started off at the Church, with the Red (Inaugural) Mass.



  And of course some (heaps of) picture taking both at the church and at a VIP reception at the Dynasty.


Then onward to the main event. JP and those dignitaries  who rated being on the stage were escorted  down the red carpet, to their seats,  between rows of JROTC members forming an arch of raised swords.

Posting of Colors was performed by Tinian JROTC.


The National and CNMI Anthems were led by Julian Hoffschneider and Raegina Castro.


The Invocation was done by Rev James Howard.  Welcoming remarks were made by Senator Francisco Borja – himself a former Mayor of Tinian.


The Oath of Office was administered by Chief Justice Castro, first to JP San Nicloas then to the new Council Members.  


Then came the speeches by various dignitaries   


and finally JP’s Inaugural address. 


Closing remarks were made by JP’s former teacher and favorite mentor, Joseph Connolly. Then the Benediction was given by Fr Jesse Reyes.



  Then of course it was time for more photos with dignitaries, both CNMI and foreign,



A huge banquet jointly prepared by family, friends and the Dynasty was enjoyed  


By everyone including family, friends, and visitors.  


It was followed by hours of celebrations by everyone – long after my camera and I departed.