Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I have now lived on Tinian - my 'paradise island' for over 10 years this time. This is a place where I enjoy a retirement life on pristine beaches, snorkelling, swimming with turtles, bird watching etc. The people, the cultures (multiple) and food here are all wonderful!
But now my 'Paradise' is threatened. So I've been sending and posting this everywhere I can:
PLEASE Help Save our birds, our water, our air space, our land - our islands
ALL are threatened on Tinian and Pagan, in the American Territory of CNMI (Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands) in the North Pacific, by the proposal of the US Military to use these two (inhabited) islands for live-fire (bombs) training. Besides people, beauty and historic ruins, pristine beaches, grazing and subsistence farm land and ocean areas, these islands are home to several rare and endangered species of birds and other wildlife. And our use of the land, the water and air space would be restricted. Prices would soar and tourism would fail.
PLEASE see our petition at - PLEASE sign and share and help us spread the word. Such a tiny island is hard pressed to reach the 10,000 signatures we need by June to get this to the President. Thank you!
Anyone anywhere can sign and share - not just US or CNMI.
So I hope you will!

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